Alloy Steel Plate

As one of the biggest leading stockist and distributors as well as importer in Malaysia steel industry, we specially offer our local customers with the significant special steel product, which is Alloy Steel Plate. Alloy Steel Plate is defined as steel plate with amount of variety alloy components such as chromium, molybdenum and others.Alloy Steel Plate provides greater and better corrosion resistance and are stronger than the conventional mild steel and carbon steel plate. It has good stability & resistance for erosive attack and anti-rust after heat treatment.

We offer the 40CR grade of Alloy Steel Plate, which is one of the most widely used steel product in machinery manufacturing field. This type of Alloy Steel Plate is generally used to parts which can be loaded with large force as well as in the application on truck frames, crane booms and others. Attention and focus are needed in welding 40CR Alloy Steel Plate. In order to prevent the substrate heat that causes internal weld chilled quench cracking, ensure appropriate preheating before welding.

40 CR Alloy Steel Plate is offered in the size of 2438mm X 6096mm, which comes with various thicknesses. We can also profile any size of plate you may require upon request, or even odd shape with sample or drawings provided.


15mm 18mm 25mm 32mm 38mm 44mm 50mm
2438 x 6096 mm 1750.01 2100.01 2916.68 3733.35 4433.35 5133.35 5833.35

40CR Alloy Steel Plate Weight (kg/unit).

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